March 20, 2008

28 week update

Hello to all!!!

I will be 28 weeks tomorrow and still pregnant!!! I still have awhile to go but am feeling wonderful and confident that we will make it to 35 weeks or so. We had an ultrasound and an office visit yesterday. The ultrasound showed that Max's heart rate is still perfect and strong and that his amniotic fluid levels have increased over the past 2 weeks! The two measurable pockets that they spotted totaled 3.4 cm of fluid. It seems very low, which it is, but the doctors like to see one pocket at 2cm to see a positive result for lung development. We have this! So woo hoo for Max!

I went into this appointment very nervous because the doctor that I was seeing is the one that Tim and I are not fond of at all. He has no bedside manner and answers questions with one word. But to my surprise after he listened to Max's heartbeat and measured my belly (all is right on schedule) we both sat down and talked about my questions and what tests I would be doing in the upcoming weeks. Needless to say I left the appointment in very good spirits.

Other than Max's increase in fluid this week, I did get the news that I will be going to the doctors twice a week from here on out for None Stress Tests (NST). Next week is my last week at only going on Wednesdays. I will then go every Monday and Thursday for the usual ultrasound to check fluid levels once a week and for NSTs on both days. Good news here: I get out of the house two times a week instead of one!!!!!! WOOHOO!

I guess that is all I have to report. I can't wait to share some more good news when I hit the 30 week mark!

Thanks again for all of the love, support and prayers!!!!

Love and much thanks,

Tim, Beth and Max