May 13, 2011

Happy Burpbay Max!

May 12, 2008

                                                                  May 12, 2011

Thanks again for all that you have done for us over the past 3 years.  It's been fun :)
Sorry for not getting this up yesterday.  Blogger was in read only mode while they did maintenance.

May 9, 2011

All is well

What a month!  I don't feel like we have stopped since March.  All is going very well though.  Max's labs are beautiful (knock on wood) and he has graduated from every 3 week clinic visits to every 4 weeks. 

Max will be celebrating his third birthday this Thursday.  With his third birthday fast approaching, lots of changes are being made.  He will be graduating from the First Steps program on Tuesday which means no more therapy.  He is slowly making progress with eating orally, so everyone is in agreement to let him have a break from therapy and see how he does over the summer.  At this point, the ball is in Max's court.  He has all of the skills he needs to take all feeds by mouth, its just a matter of when Max decides that he wants to do it.  His biggest issue right now is that he is afraid to chew anything thicker than a mash potato consistency.  His favorite food at this point is a fine chunky pureed mac-n-cheese.  Like I said, he is making progress and its just a matter of time.

Our other big piece of news is that Max has officially been enrolled into a preschool program.  He will start school this August.  I am still not quite sure how I feel about this, but I know that Max needs this and that he is going to love it.  I just have to learn and accept that he is growing up and that I need to give up a little of my control over his care.  Everyone seems to be well aware of my concerns with germs and illnesses and they are going to work with us when it comes to flu season and other illnesses that will be floating around the classroom. Sigh.  He can't be three already :(

We have been very busy this month finalizing our house plans.  We are getting very close to signing a contract with All American Homes and we should break ground sometime in June.  *Fingers crossed*

 We are also very excited to announce that Max will have a little sister this fall. We have had two ultrasounds and everything looks great thus far. Our fluid levels are perfect and her heart, brain and bladder look good. Her kidneys were undetectable on the ultrasound which is good- this means that they are not engorged with fluid like Max's were :)  We will be having a level 2 ultrasound with a perinatalogist on May 25th.  This will be a full anatomy scan and will give us a much better idea on how she is doing.  We are still nervous, but are confident that everything is going to be just fine.  We are truly blessed and can't wait to meet her!

Life is good. 

I think our new posting routine is going to be monthly.  If something comes up I will definitely post to keep all of you updated, but things are going very well and we are very busy with the new house, new baby and a very busy little boy.  I will definitely be posting on Thursday to talk about our big three year old :)

Have a great week everyone!