January 24, 2011

Max's Labs

Max had his tri-weekly (I think I just made that term up) labs today.  Dr. Ben emailed me the results:

Creatinine .3
BUN 20

In a nutshell, this means that Max's kidney is doing exactly what a kidney should be doing. 

In addition to Max's lab report, he is doing fantastic in all other areas as well.  He is walking, running (not really, but he thinks so), sort of eating and getting ready to be tested for preschool. 

Yeah, we met with the Campbell County schools to see if Max would be eligible to start preschool in August.  Max will graduate from First Steps in May.  This is the program he has been in since he came home from the RCNIC.  They provide a speech therapist and a physical therapist that come to the house to work with Max.  After he is finished with this program, he may still need therapy and the school could provide that along with the educational and social aspects of a classroom setting.  So we will be meeting with the school again in mid March to start the testing to see if he will qualify.  It's a big step for Max and for both Tim and I.  I think Tim and I are having a harder time with it than anyone though.  Max needs this though and we will do whatever is in his best interest.

Life is good.  We are ready for Spring so that we can get outside to play rather than being cooped up in our tiny little "rental" home, but life is good :)

January 11, 2011

.3, 2,400 and 6

Max had labs drawn last week and his creatinine has come down from .4 to .3.  They also did a test called a Cystatin C which is another test that measures kidney function.  He has had a few of these done but this one came back the highest it's every been at 74.  To make that a little more clear- this level was at 6 or 8 while he was on dialysis and in the 40s while he was rejecting his kidney so for it to be at 74 means that Max's kidney function has improved dramatically over the past few months.  Dr. Ben got a fist pump from Dr. G for this.  I love it!

Max also had a level of the antibody that was attacking his kidney taken.  That number started at 11,000.  It is now at 2,400.  He doesn't need to have this level checked for a few months unless his creatinine does funny things again.  This makes all of us very happy :)

We are also celebrating Max's 6 month kidneyversary.  It blows us all away how far he has come over the past 6 months.  It's amazing.  He learns something new every day and you can tell that his little wheels are turning at all times.  He makes my heart smile.

I apologize for not posting in awhile.  I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Here are a few pictures of Max from over the past few weeks.  Have a great week everyone!

                                                                     Christmas Morning
This is what you get when he doesn't nap and it's getting to be around bedtime :) I love it.

Our house is SOLD!!!