May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Max!

Dear Max,

It has been two years since you entered this world fighting for you life. Your daddy and I heard the slightest of whimpers when they pulled you out of my belly and handed you to the NICU team that was standing by. We only got to see you for a second before they wheeled you out of the OR in an incubator headed for the NICU at Good Sam. I didn't let the fear of the unknown take that moment away from me. I held onto the sound of your first cry as I was wheeled into the recovery room. Daddy came to the NICU to see you while nana sat with me. After an hour or so, it was my turn. They pushed my bed into the NICU and maneuvered it around all of the isolates that held the tiniest of babies. We finally made it to the very back corner of the room and I saw you. My heart melted into a puddle of mush when I saw the beauty of my son laying in the isolate. I didn't let the fact that you were on a ventilator scare me. You were alive. You were breathing. You had a heartbeat. This was our moment. When a mother meets her child for the very first time. You were beautiful. You were mine.

I am so blessed to have been chosen to be your mommy. You have brought so much happiness into my life. The past two years have been the best in my life and I can't wait to see what you bring to this world in the years to come. I love you kiddo. Happy Birthday!

All my love,


At the ago of two:
You are getting into everything.
You are standing with assistance and are taking steps with Mr. Dan.
You are pulling up to your knees.
You are drinking from a straw cup without assistance.
You know the colors blue and yellow.
You are signing for "more" "want" "help" "play" "drink" "please" and "thank you"
You know most of your body parts (when asked where your nose is you stick your finger in it and when asked where your feet are you put them in your mouth- you start giggling as soon as you do it).
You can say "bye bye" and make sounds for other words. You prefer to say "ah" for everything but if you really concentrate you can say other things.
You are very stubborn (just like mommy and daddy).
You throw temper tantrums when you don't get your way or when you are told no.
You hold your breath if you get really mad.
You love Barney and Friends.
You know he motions for the song "If You're Happy and You Know It."
You are starting to mimic everything you see.
You give the best hugs and kisses.
You are very hard to get down for a nap.
You still love your blankie.
You love being outside.
You are a beautiful little boy on the inside and outside.

In honor of Max's 2nd Birthday, we have put together this video to share his life with all of you. We hope that you have enjoyed him as much as we have.

Max is turning 2. from Rick Neltner on Vimeo.

May 4, 2010

This Just In:

July 27, 2010 is the day that our lives will be flipped upside down!

I just called the transplant coordinator asking if she had heard anything about the July dates that were still up for discussion and she responded, "Oh I thought I called you!" Well no you didn't but what's the word? "You are set for July 27th."

And this ladies and gentlemen gets a very big WOO HOO!

This means that we only have 84 more days of dialysis! Oh I can't even imagine the excitement of not having to hook our son up to a machine every night!

This means that I only have 84 more days to loose the 5-10 pounds that have been hanging around on my thighs.

This means that in just 84 days, I get the privilege to save my son's life. To give him a chance to be the 2 year old that he deserves to be.

In 84 days our lives are going to change for what we all hope will be for the best.

Let the count down begin...

May 3, 2010

A Day Out

Tim and I were able to get a day out this past weekend. My cousin Andy got married on Derby Day. The wedding was at 2pm followed by a Derby Party and then the reception. It was a great time and Tim and I enjoyed our day "off." Max was in fantastic hands and when we got home we had nothing to do but go to bed. Thanks ladies!

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Most of the ladies in our family with Grandma Maddie at the Derby Party

Tim and I at the Derby Party

My brother Bob and his wife Ashley

Ashley and I at the reception

It was a great time and we are so thankful that we got to be apart of it. Congratulations Andy and Elisabeth! Have a great time in Italy and Greece!