October 4, 2011

Introducing Cora Anne Livingston

September 26, 2011
6 pounds 8 ounces
19.25 inches long
Absolute Perfection

Recovery Room

Going Home

4 days old

6 days old

Melt mama's heart

The very proud big brother and his "baby sister"

We welcomed our little girl into the world last week.  Life is perfect.  Cora is perfect. Max is the world's best big brother and melts his mama's heart at least once a day with the sweet things that he does and/or says to Cora.  Like when Cora and I went with Tim to drop Max off at school on Monday so that he could show his new sister off.  Oh the cuteness! He couldn't say enough about her to his friends and teachers. When someone new came up to see her he would yell, "look what we found!" When it was time for him to line up and head to his classroom he yelled, "Bye mommy! Bye daddy! Bye Baby Cora!"  She is the first thing he talks about when he wakes up and he can't go night night until he tells her goodnight and gives her kisses. It's enough to make a mama tear up on a daily basis.

The time is already going way to fast and it's only been 8 days.