March 29, 2011

Funeral Arrangements

The layout will be Thursday evening from 4-8pm at Muehlenkamp-Erschell Funeral Home in Ft. Thomas (across from St. Thomas Church).

The mass is at 10:30am at St. Mary's in Alexandria followed by the burial at St. Stephen Cemetary in Ft. Thomas.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers.

March 28, 2011

Rest in Peace

A little after 11:00 this morning, Heaven gained an angel. 

Rest in Peace "Pawpaw" Larry.

We love you and will miss you greatly. 


I will post funeral arrangements after the meeting with the funeral home tomorrow morning.

Thank you to all that prayed for his peace and comfort. 

March 22, 2011

Updates and Prayers

Hello to all of you who are still checking in on us.  I sincerely apologize for the very long delay in updating the blog.  We have had a very busy and craptastic last few weeks.  We ended February with a move back into my parents house after we sold our house.  That went smoothly, but moving while pregnant and with a toddler are both exhausting. 

Max's labs have also sent us on a lovely roller coaster ride.  We believe they are up and down due to dehydration.  We are pumping him full of fluids but also trying to allow him to feel hungry so that he will start eating for us.  There is a very fine line between the two and its difficult to try and keep both his kidney happy and his feeling of hunger in tact.  I am beyond frustrated with the whole process.  I just want my kid to eat.  His problem is that he is stubborn.  He doesn't want to sit down long enough to eat.  He will take a few bites (on his own because he is all of a sudden Mr. Independent and doesn't want us to help) and then he fights with us because he "wans to get down an pway."  He hasn't figured out how to chew anything either so he is still on a puree.  Like I said, very frustrating to say the least.  On the bright side, he is starting to drink a little more by mouth. 


We are asking all of you for prayers.  We are also asking that you ask all that you know to please pray.  Some of you may remember that Tim's dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor three years ago.  This brain tumor is now winning.  Despite the couple of rounds of chemo that Larry endured 6 weeks ago, the tumor continued to grow and Larry slowly got worse.  3 weeks ago, it was decided that it was time to stop treatment and call Hospice in.  In 3 short weeks Larry has gone downhill very fast.  Tim came home this evening from visiting with his dad and said that he was no longer eating and could barely talk.  Larry hasn't gotten out of bed since Sunday afternoon. 

I will forever cherish the memories that we have with Larry.  He is a great man with a huge heart.  When Max was in the NICU, Larry was at his bedside a few times a week.  He would always tell me who was praying for Max and all of the stories he would tell the ladies at work about his only grandchild.  He is so proud to be Max's "pawpaw."  You can see his face light up, even now, when Max walks in the room and shouts "PAWPAW!"  Max is the light of his life.

Please pray for peace and comfort for both Larry and the entire Livingston family.  Goodbyes suck,  especially when it could very well be the last time you say it to someone.