February 26, 2010

We have another prayer request, please.

I have another prayer request for all of you magnificent prayer warriors out there. My Aunt Dianne was given the opportunity to go to Haiti to work in the OR as a charge nurse. She agreed to the offer and left yesterday to head oversees.

I spoke with her last week and she was very nervous. She asked me to pray for her and I immediately thought that I would not only pray for her but I would have all of Max's prayer warriors pray for her as well. So here I am. I am asking all of you to please keep my Aunt Dianne in your prayers as she begins this new challenge in her life.

Also, Max has 3 tests next Wednesday that will tell us what's going on with his bladder. These are the tests that will tell us if a miracle has happened or if he still needs the bladder reconstruction. If you could, pray extra hard this weekend that God has performed another miracle for Max by improving his bladder significantly.

Thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

February 21, 2010

Nephrology Appointment Update

Max had his monthly nephrology appointment and labs on Wednesday. They are very happy with how things are going. The best news was that Max has hit the 10th percentile for his height! This means that he has gone from not being on the charts to being in the 10th percentile in about 4 months. So YAH for that!

His labs looked good, just a few medication changes. We also did what's called a kinetics test on the fluid that comes out of Max's belly during dialysis. This test tells us if he is getting good dialysis or not. The test came back looking very good! Another YAH!

The nephrologists and urologist (and I think some of the transplant team) meet once a month to talk about their ESRD patients. They met on Friday, so Dr. Ben called to tell me what was said about Max. Dr. Alam (Urologist) is pretty confident that Dr. Sheldon will not be back by this summer, which means that he will not be able to perform the surgery. We couldn't have all YAH's right? So as disappointing as this is, Tim and I are happy with who we have chosen to be Max's surgeon. Her name is Dr. Alanso and from what I hear, she has performed miracles on some of her patients. We like people who perform miracles! There will be several surgeons in on Max's transplant so we feel that he will be in very good hands. The way this will work is that Dr. Alanso will put the kidney in and attach the vessels. Dr. Alam will then step in and connect the ureters to the bladder. So it's going to be a joint effort.

As expected, I am very nervous now that things are moving forward. I have very mixed emotions. I am devastated that Dr. Sheldon will not be there but I am thrilled to be moving forward with the original plan. I know that he will be in fantastic hands from the time he is in the OR to the time that he goes to the ICU and then to the transplant floor. I know that Dr. Ben and Dr. Brad will be keeping a very close eye on him, so I don't think anything will go unnoticed. They are prepared for all of the risks and side effects that could take place post op. So other than me trying to get mentally and physically prepared for this surgery, I think everyone is ready.

You all will be one of the first (maybe the second or third) to know the date. I am fully expecting not to have anything until the end of March, so it will be a little while.

If you could continue to keep us in your prayers as we inch closer and closer to this life changing surgery, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

February 16, 2010

I am an Aunt!

Oliver Peyton Pfeffer was born today weighing in at 6lbs 8oz. He is 20 inches long and absolutely perfect! Both mom and baby are doing fantastic!

Introducing Oliver Peyton

I am such a proud aunt!!!

The boy loves his fingers

So cute!

February 15, 2010

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I don't know who it was who posted the link to the facebook page for Dr. Sheldon, but thank you so, so much! As soon as I clicked on the link and saw his face I started crying. I have been wondering how he's been and it was so good to see that he is back at home and doing well.

We are so grateful to have him as Max's urologist and surgeon, even if he does the transplant as an observer. We would rather have that than not have him at all.

So to whoever you are- Thank you so very much for posting that link.


Just Because I think he's too Stinkin Cute...

I am working on getting some videos downloaded but my Flip Video Camera isn't working right. I am going through the troubleshooting process now. Until then, here are some pictures...

Happy Monday everyone!

February 13, 2010

The Anniversary of a Miracle

Two years ago today a surgery was performed that saved our son's life. A surgery that would change our lives forever. A surgery that had only been done a handful of times, but was our only hope. Two years ago today... our son was given a chance at life.

Two years later... our son is amazing all of us with his strength and determination...

Two years ago today we were given a miracle.... our son's life.

Thank you for standing by us for the past two years. We wouldn't be where we are today without the love and support from our family, friends and medical team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

February 10, 2010

Prayer Requests

Hello All:

I have a few prayer requests to ask all of you to pray for.

The first is for our friend Rick's brother, Kevin. He went to the doctor for pneumonia and during a scan of his lungs they spotted something on one of his kidneys. They believe it could be cancer so they are going to go in and remove it. They feel confident that they caught it early so they are not planning on doing further treatment. They will "watch" him closely after the surgery to make sure nothing else comes up. Please pray for Kevin and the Neltner family as they move forward with the next step.

The second prayer request is for a doctor that my aunt works for. Dr. C recently gave birth to her first child, Eva. Shortly after her birth Eva was having a difficult time breathing. The doctors found that Eva has a congential diaphragmatic hernia that is compressing her lungs. Please pray for Eva and her family as she will be undergoing surgery to repair the hernia.

My third and final prayer request is for my Aunt Michaelle. She will be going into surgery on February 24th to have her hip replaced. She broke her hip at a young age about 10 years ago and now needs a replacement. Please pray that she stays strong and comes through the surgery without any complications.

Thank you. I hope everyone has a great weekend and is enjoying all of this snow!

February 5, 2010

I have to brag...

It's late so this is going to be very short, but I have to brag...

Max is on his fourth night of not needing his oxygen!!! Earlier in the week we realized that his nasal cannula was sitting on the brige of his nose in the morning. There weren't any alarms throughout the night telling us there were any issues, so we decided to see what he would do without the oxygen....

...his oxygen saturation hangs out anywhere from 94%-100% while sleeping AND while on dialyss... without his oxygen!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen... this is HUGE!!! This is a proud mama moment.

Okay, I am finished bragging now. Okay... maybe not :o)