April 9, 2012

Moving forward

Hello all:

We are at the point of moving forward with Max's big bladder surgery. He will be going in tomorrow morning at 9:45 for a video urodynamics test. This test will let us know if there is any improvement with Max's bladder since his last set of tests last August. We will find out about the pressures in his bladder when it is full and how much urine the bladder will hold before he empties.

We had a meeting with his urologist in February but we will be meeting with him again on Monday, April 16, to discuss some things that we were unclear of from his last appointment. I will go into more detail after the upcoming appointments.

We have a few prayer request for Max's prayer warriors. Most importantly, we ask that you pray for improvements in his bladder. We are also asking for guidance and patience as Tim and I make some difficult decisions with what step we take next with Max.

Again, I will go into more details once we meet with the doctor again to discuss some things.

Things may start picking up here on the blog as we start moving forward with this process, so be sure to check back every couple of weeks for updates.

Thank you for all of the love and support over the past (almost) four year.


Katie said...

Beth, Your prayer requests are in my prayer book! Good Luck in the upcoming weeks!

Kimberly said...


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